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Of Moons & Flowers

“In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.”
– Albert Schweitzer.
Self-reflection is an ongoing process for me, and recently I’ve been hit with the realization that I live life with a near-constant expectation for the future to be better than my present situation, regardless of what the situation may be. I have a lot of goals and dreams and just a bunch of things I’d like to be doing with my life that for one reason or another (or a whole lot of them) I’m just not able to right now. And I’m hanging on to the dream of the day I’ll finally be able to do all of these things so tightly that a lot about what’s going on around me or what I could be doing in the moment completely passes me by.

This came to me when I stumbled upon something otherwise inconsequential, a mere glimpse into what lay ahead of an avenue of possibility I hadn’t considered before, that made me realize the one-track mindedness of the plan I had for my life and all the opportunities I had inadvertently been missing out on.


So, this isn’t to say we shouldn’t have things that we hope to achieve within the ideals we set for ourselves. It’s just to say that we shouldn’t be so invested in those ideals that we completely lose sight of all other possibilities and forget to sometimes pause and just live in the moment.

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