1. My purse
2. Keys
3. Powder
4. A flash disk
5. Small work diary
6. Cosmetics bag with all my lipstics and emergency eyeliner
7. Hypoallergenic wet wipes
8. Two charging cables
9. An almost empty tube of Nivea hand cream
10. Two dongles
11. My work phone
12. A strip of ibuprofen tablets
13. Earphones
14. Pouch for my glasses
15. Ketchup packets from a recent stay at a hotel
16. Earphones
17. Mints
18. Security card
19. Change
20. A swizzle stick (I don’t even know how that got there tbh)
21. And finally… hand sanitizer

So it’s only a little bit of a circus. That is, excluding everything I’ve already taken out to use for the day. Hehe. He.

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