1. Drake x Fire & Desire
I have not been in love with a song as deeply and consistently I have with Fire & Desire and I would sincerely like to thank Drake for blessing us with this gem of a song.

I couldn’t find the original so here’s a cover that I really like by Allana.

2. Chad Valley ft. El Perro Del Mar x Evening Surrender
Hauntingly smooth and hits me right in the feels. Every time.

3. SZA x Aftermath
This is the song that made me fall in love with SZA and it is still my favourite song by her till this day.

4. Penny & Sparrow x Creature
Such a beautiful, beautiful song. There are no words for how it makes me feel.

5. Frank Ocean x Strawberry Swing
A classic. While it’s hard to pick a favourite among Frank’s songs, Strawberry Swing will always stand out for me.

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