All fax over here, b.

1. The name Singalilwe is Yao and loosely translated it means lonely or to be left alone, which is quite fitting and not nearly as sad as it seems because I happen to tremendously enjoy solitude.

2. The name was given to me by my paternal Grandmother because I was born shortly after the death of my Grandfather.

3. My middle names are Edith and Barbara, which were my grandmother’s names so I carry a lot of history with me.

4. My father is Yao, but I’m a Ngoni through my mother.

5. I am a whole entire ass twenty-five years old… going on twelve.

6. My favourite colour is purple.

7. I’m a textbook introvert and was team awkward-black-girl before it was cool. I’ve definitely overcome the worst of my anxieties about being around people but it still grips me often. So I avoid people as a general rule.

8. I sometimes write poetry. Mostly when I’m sad, so it’s not pretty.You can check it out here.

9. If anyone asks, I don’t believe in Astrology. Which is typical of us Aries.

10. My favourite food in the whole world is chips and chicken, which is a classic and I refuse to be shamed for my unsophisticated palate.

11. Feminism is a big part of who I am as a person.

12. Books are a great gift hack if you ever plan on getting me anything.

13. Grilled cheese is God’s gift to mankind.

14. I also really love tea.

15. If you’re not already picking up on this, food is a good way to get in my pa- I mean… good graces.

16. I can’t dance. You have been fairly warned.

17. I have a scar from when I was maybe five or six that I got when I thought the best way to check whether the iron was hot was to use my face. It’s faint now, but I’ll always know it’s there.

18. Yes I studied IT but that DOESN’T MAKE ME A NERD. The glasses and anime probably do though.

19. I am a huge fan of road trips, picnics and anything that involves wine.

20. I started a book drive initiative in 2016 called Utawaleza to make more books available for Malawian public schools. And if you would like to be a part of that in any way, do get in touch with me (comment, find me on twitter @UtawalezaMw, or instagram @mwanaduwa, stalk me in real life… whatever works!)

That’s it. Whew. This was harder than I thought. You never realise how much you don’t know about yourself until you have to come up with a list. Wow.

Moving it along. On tomorrow’s blog? My favourite quote.


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